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Welcome to
Green Light Pages!

Because we all can use a little inspiration, positivity, growth & healing!

Green Light Pages was created to share writing, photography and other inspired works with the purpose of encouraging personal growth and healing or simply to bring a smile to your face! The name itself was a spark of inspiration and it has multiple meanings. 


"GREEN" is more than just a color. It symbolizes a way of life and the effect that nature has on our lives. The majority of the writings presented here were written while communing with nature and hopefully they resonate with your soul. "GREEN" is also representative of the heart chakra and the effect that inspiration will have on opening your heart. It represents the healing light of Archangel Raphael and more simply... "GREEN" means GO!, as in GO FOR IT! Move Forward! Take action and make your dreams come true! It can be scary stepping out of your comfort zone, but you will never know what you're capable of unless you try! Don't be afraid to FLY!





"LIGHT" pertains to the Inner Light we each have within us and the effect that our light can have on the world.  The hope is that this place inspires you to tap into your own creativity and spread your own light with those around you. "LIGHT" is also symbolic of healing which can take place in many ways. This place was also created to aid in that healing by shedding light on areas of darkness and to let you know that you aren't ALONE!. Life isn't always easy but it's worth living! May this place be a beacon of light to aid in your healing and help you find the missing pieces. 

"PAGES" is more than the pieces of paper housing the words of a book. We are the pages of our own lives!  Most of our stories are written without a pen and paper and therefore, they don't get shared with others. This place serves as a portal for otherwise lost and untold stories to be shared with the world.  


GREEN LIGHT PAGES was created to "shed" and bring light to counteract the heaviness of the world. The hope is that it inspires you to tap into your own creativity. When we are inspired, we are more likely to listen to voice of our hearts and follow the path of our dreams.  


Through inspiration, positivity, growth and healing, Green Light Pages aims to make a difference to you and your life so that you will be inspired to make a difference to the world. May your life become brighter for having visited! 

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