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My name is Lyn McDonald and I am the creator of Green Light Pages.  The idea of creating this site came to me while going through the self-publishing process for my first children's book "The Great Tree and the Ladybug."  It's a beautiful thing to be able to write a story and then have the courage to bring it to life and share it with the world.  It's another to build upon that process and go bigger!  Writing has always been a part of my life, but I never had the courage to share it with the world until now.  I hope that this site inspires you.  Maybe one day, you will write your own story!

I was born on Long Island and raised in Massachusetts.  After living up and down the East coast, I currently split my time between New York and Delaware, but I remain open to wherever my soul will lead me next.  


I recently left my job at a Coffeehouse restaurant to pursue writing full-time.  I love to travel and have visited many wonderful places.  When I'm not writing, I spend my time practicing yoga and Kung Fu, playing the piano, communing with nature and spending time with my animal rescue babies.  I look forward to sharing more of my stories with the world and hopefully making a difference to those who read them.  

Ellen @theellenshow always says “Be Kind

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Keep your face toward the sun, especiall
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