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"The journey of a lifetime starts with the turning of a page."

 - Rachel Anders

The Great Tree and the Ladybug


Written by Lynda-Grace McDonald
Illustrated by Joanne Scotto-Lavino


Limited 1st Edition 

1 signed book ~ $25
(shipping included)

2 signed books ~ $45
(shipping included)

The Story


When the ladybug opens his eyes for the first time, he experiences fear... then he meets the Great tree. The Great Tree keeps him safe while he explores the world around him and helps him to overcome his fears. When the ladybug years to fly, the Great Tree guides him on a journey towards courage and empowerment. 

Will the ladybug find his courage, trust in himself and FLY?


This soul-touching story will encourage readers of all ages to fulfill their dreams by facing their fears and believing in themselves. 

The Story Behind the Story

Sometimes you just have to take the leap and build your wings on the way down.

- Kobi Yamada

The Great Tree and the Ladybug (originally titled, The Mimosa and the Ladybug) was inspired by a real-life mimosa tree. A lover of plants, flowers and trees, author Lynda-Grace McDonald wrote this story in honor of her favorite tree. While living in North Carolina, Lyn planted her first mimosa tree after growing it from a small seed. Watching it thrive in a pot in her kitchen, Lyn waited until it was big and strong enough to live outside. When that time came, her dad helped her to plant it in the back of her beautiful garden. 


One November, when the tree had shed all its leaves in anticipation of the upcoming winter, Lyn watched as a single ladybug made its ascent up the trunk. In that moment, she was inspired to write, and The Great Tree and the Ladybug was born. By the time she left North Carolina, that tiny seed had become a tree that exceeded her own height. 


It was 10 years before Lyn found the courage to have this story published. Though the world wasn't yet able to benefit from her words, they served as motivation for facing her own fears. To read about her journey with turning this story into her first self-published book, check out her blog post: "The Birth of a Book."

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