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"The journey of a lifetime starts with the turning of a page."

 - Rachel Anders

When the Walls Came Down

Written by Lynda-Grace McDonald

Illustrated by Leann Wilkins


Coming Soon...

"When the Walls Came Down" is a story for readers of all ages. Written by Lynda-Grace McDonald, this story served as inspiration for her own life. With the help of its words, Lyn let go of the things that she no longer needed and learned to listen to the voice of her own heart. Even though the words have evolved over time, many important themes still grace these pages. With the help of her good friend, Leann, this story is coming alive one page at a time. Leann has been tirelessly creating the illustrations for this story -- drawing and painting each page by hand. For sneak peeks of her amazing artwork, follow our Green Light Pages Facebook and Instagram.  


Lyn & Leann became friends during their freshman year while attending the University of Miami — and their friendship has only strengthened with time. They navigated all 4 years of college while living on the same floor of their Stanford Residential College — spending their last 2 years in Walsh Tower. Two adventurous spirits, they planned a 3 week road trip during their junior year. Eager to embrace the beauty of the Western US, they traveled over 3,000 miles through 8 different states beginning and ending in Colorado & stopping and camping in National Parks along the way. This trip of a life-time stayed in their hearts  causing them to embark on other travels together. Lyn & Leann always dreamed of telling a story together and the creation of this book is only the beginning of their literary journey. They hope that his story resonates with both children and adults and inspires them to listen to their hearts and follow their own paths. With the world at their fingertips, Lyn & Leann trust their hearts to lead the way and embrace the unknown with open arms!

Join Lyn and Leann as they bring this amazing book to life!


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