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"The journey of a lifetime starts with the turning of a page."

 - Rachel Anders

When the
Came Down

Written by Lynda-Grace McDonald
Illustrated by Leann Wilkins


Available 2024

The Story

When the sun emerged from the shadows, Mouse wandered into the unknown like he did every day for as long as he could remember. Knowing who he was, he had nothing but himself... and that was all he needed.

Join Mouse as he embarks on a journey of self-discovery.


The Story Behind the story

When the Walls Came Down (originally titled, A Mouse in the House When the Walls Came Down), was inspired by scribbles on a piece of Guest Check paper that author Lynda-Grace McDonald wrote down one day when she was working at a restaurant in Winston-Salem, NC. It was the first time that she had a title without a story... it would be over a year until she found the words to accompany that title. 


This story served as inspiration for Lyn for many years. It was the catalyst that gave her the courage to leave her life in NC and start over in NY; it helped her to let go of things she no longer needed; it taught her to listen to the voice of her heart.


Since her original version over 13 years ago, When the Walls Came Down has evolved-- undergoing numerous rewrites and editorial changes. It was on track to be self-published back in 2021, but Lyn decided to put the project on hold after issues with the manuscript couldn't be resolved. She later rewrote the manuscript in summer of 2023 -- giving it the voice it was meant to have from the beginning-- and resumed the publication process at the start of 2024.


When the Walls Came Down is being illustrated by Lyn's best friend from college, Leann Wilkins. Lyn & Leann became friends during their freshman year at the University of Miami. They lived in the same residential college for all 4 years, and often joked about collaborating on a book since Lyn loved writing and Leann loved art. It would take over 20 years for their book dream to become a reality... 

Lyn knew immediately that Leann would be the perfect person to illustrate this story. Trusting her intrinsic talent, Lyn gave Leann the creative freedom to choose the medium and style. All illustrations were hand-painted with watercolors and outlined with ink. To see more of Leann's amazing creations, visit her Prairie Mountain Art Facebook page.

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